Rules To Live By When Your Health Is In The Weeds.

When I was in the service industry, as so many of us have been as the better part of our education, I learned to put my head down, dig my heals in and methodically work my way through the weeds... as the industry calls unexpected rushes or times of overloaded resources.

I very intentionally slowed down my movements, thought through my priorities, kept my eyes up scanning and engaging with everyone while making sure every step I took was done right to completion (meaning it would not have to be undone or cause problems later), even if it seemed like more steps. 

In practical terms that means everything gets properly washed and put away for the next use.

No tossing things everywhere to grab this or that more quickly. 

It means you still make eye contact and acknowledge everyone within the expected 30 sec, if only to let them know you are drowning but will still get to their order asap.

It means guest interaction becomes the critical moments that deserve the extra focus so that you understand the information and not just write it or type it in.

...all with a smile, wrapped in laughter, masked with a bad joke or two. Whatever it takes.

It does not mean taking short cuts.

Scoop in glassware in a ice well to save having to use the metal scoop is a good classic example of how a short cut can burn you.

Eventually, doing the one next thing right to completion and then the next, and then the next was the way to endure the storm.

In this way I was able to avoid additional mistakes that compounded into huge problems.

When Your Health is in the weeds, You need to literally slow down and take the time to work on the root causes.