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Welcome to the rich world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encapsulated within our extensive TCM Library. Rooted in ancient wisdom that spans thousands of years, TCM represents a holistic approach to health and well-being, seamlessly blending the realms of philosophy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and various therapeutic practices.

Our TCM Library serves as a gateway to this profound and time-tested system of healing, providing a comprehensive resource for both seasoned practitioners and curious seekers alike. TCM, deeply entrenched in the fundamental principles of balance and harmony, views the body as an interconnected system where the flow of vital energy, or Qi, plays a pivotal role in maintaining health. In our collection, you will delve into the classical texts such as the Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon) and the Shang Han Lun, exploring the philosophical foundations that underpin TCM's unique perspective on the human body and its interplay with the natural world.

Navigate through the intricacies of acupuncture, an ancient practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of Qi. Our library offers detailed insights into meridian pathways, acupoint locations, and the therapeutic applications of acupuncture, empowering both students and practitioners to deepen their understanding and skills.

Discover the vast pharmacopeia of TCM through our comprehensive herbal medicine section, which details the properties and uses of various herbs. Gain insights into herbal formulations and their synergistic effects, allowing you to harness the healing potential of nature in promoting health and addressing imbalances.

Whether you are a curious individual exploring the profound wisdom of TCM or a dedicated practitioner seeking to enhance your expertise, our TCM Library invites you to embark on a journey through the ancient tapestry of Chinese medicine. Uncover the timeless principles, therapeutic techniques, and holistic philosophies that continue to shape the landscape of health and wellness in both Eastern and Western contexts.

Term Definition

Artemisia Annua (Qing Hao)

Clears heat, treats malaria.

Views - 91

Astragalus (Huang Qi)

Immune system support

Views - 69

Bupleurum (Chai Hu)

Harmonizes the Shao Yang, regulates Qi.

Views - 71

Chinese Skullcap (Huang Qin)

Clears heat, calms shen.

Views - 69

Chinese Yam (Shan Yao)

Tonifies the spleen and stomach.

Views - 64

Cinnamon (Gui Zhi)

Warms the body, promotes circulation.

Views - 63

Cnidium Seed (She Chuang Zi)

Warms the kidneys, tonifies yang.

Views - 70

Codonopsis (Dang Shen)

Strengthens the spleen, tonifies Qi.

Views - 75

Coptis (Huang Lian)

Clears heat, eliminates dampness.

Views - 69

Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis)

Blood tonic, women's health

Views - 66

Dioscorea (Shan Yao)

Tonifies the spleen and stomach.

Views - 75

Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong)

Strengthens bones and muscles.

Views - 71

Forsythia (Lian Qiao)

Clears heat, expels toxins.

Views - 74

Ginger (Sheng Jiang)

Warms the stomach, aids digestion.

Views - 68

Ginseng (Ren Shen)

Energy tonic, adaptogen.

Views - 69